Apple Polyphenols Shown to Reduce the Skin Damage from UV Effects

Apple Polyphenols Shown to Reduce the Skin Damage from UV Effects

Apple Polyphenol

Apple polyphenols have always been believed to have many healthy benefits to human beings. This ingredient contains quercetin glycoside, phloretin glycoside and chlorogenic acid, which were proved to have powerful effects of oxidation, inflammation and glycation. However, a recent research highlighted its another unique benefit. Apple polyphenols can prevent ultraviolet (UV) irradiation-induced skin pigmentation due to its active compounds – procyanidins.

Dr. Yanmei Li, the global cheif scientific officer for Applephenon’s suppliers BGG, demonstrated that current studies had been shown that Applephenon oral administration played a siginificant role in inhibiting pigmentation by UV irradiation.

Study Details

The study was conducted as randomized, double-blind and placebo-controlled, which enrolled 65 younger Japanese woman who were asked to consume Applephenon for 12 weeks during spring. The subjects were randomly signed to three experimental groups, which were a placebo group, a low dose (300 mg/ day) and a high dose (600 mg/ day).

The participates were exposed to solar-stimulated UV as the solar source. After several hours’ irradiation, skin color was evaluated. With the inside of the upper arm irradiated, skin color lightness and pigmentation were also measured after a period of time. In addition, to evaluated facial conditions, water content as well as Trans-Epidermal water loss at the corner of the eye were both tested.

Positive Effects on UV Irradiation

The study found that skin reddening after UV irradiation was reduced in treatment group but was increased in placebo group. The research also found a lower increase in melanin formulation as well as less skin darkening after UV irradiation of the treatment group. The result suggested that the reduction in oxidative stress and the antioxidative activity by Apple Polyphenols resulted in the inhibition of melanogenesis induced by UV irradiation.

Dr. Yanmei, Li pointed out that this is the second clinical study showing that ApplePhenon may be effective as complimentary support for healthy skin. Dietary supplementation with vitamins, carotenoids, and phytochemicals such as polyphenols are considered to improve skin condition and reduce UV-induced moisture loss in humans.

Apple polyphenols can be used as compounds in cosmetic applications, which means this ingredient can not only be applied in food and beverage, but also versatile applications.


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