Why Should it be Apple Polyphenols?

Why Should it be Apple Polyphenols?

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What food does your body need to stay healthy?  It comes to our mind that apple would be a good choice.  As an important and most widely grown temperate fruit in the world, apple has always been regarded as one of the most beneficial fruits to human’s health.  One big element showed in some clinic trials is that apple polyphenols shed light on part of apple’s miracle effects. Thus, it is critical to explore the benefits of this ingredient.

Apple Polyphenols WholesaleApple polyphenols are organic compounds found in fruits and vegetables. It is believed that most of the polyphenol content is found in apple peel, while it can still be found in its flesh. The apple polyphenol exerts its beneficial effects to human’s health through their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities.

Some study demonstrated that apple polyphenols are related to positive effects on controlling blood sugar, lowering blood fat levels, improving physical performance and weight management. Although there still should be sufficient evidence to validate those findings, it is undoubtedly that apple polyphenols play a significant role in human’s health benefits.

Ⅰ. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities
In a clinical trial on 62 overweight people, apple polyphenol extract reduced oxidative damage to the blood vessels In test tubes, they inhibited an enzyme that produces free radicals (xanthine oxidase) .
Another trial on 12 healthy nonsmokers, indicating apple juice could improve antioxidant status. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of apple polyphenols improved joint mobility and antioxidant status while reducing inflammation in a small trial on 12 healthy people given dry apple peel powder (4.25 g/day for 12 weeks) .
Those are limited study showing the positive relations between this ingredient and effects, so more evidence should be proved this results.

Ⅱ. Blood sugar control
A clinical trial proved that a juice with high apple polyphenols and blackcurrant after meal could reduce people’s blood sugar level.
The long-term administration of apple polyphenols (600 mg/day for 12 weeks) reduced sugar spikes after meals in a clinical trial on 65 people at risk of developing type 2 diabetes (impaired glucose tolerance) .

Ⅲ. Physical performance
There are several research indicating that consuming certain amount of apple polyphenols would enhance physical performance.
In a clinical trial on 48 physically active men, taking 500 mg apple polyphenols the preceding evening and 1 hour before a high-endurance aerobic test extended the maximal performance time and delayed fatigue perception .

Ⅳ. Weight management
Convenience food and sedentary lifestyle make weight management a big concern for modern people. Several clinical trials believed that consuming apple polyphenols would reduce weight gain. In a clinical trial on 71 moderately obese people, apple polyphenol capsules (600 mg/day for 12 weeks) reduced visceral fat, increased the levels of a hormone secreted during weight loss (adiponectin), and lowered blood cholesterol (total and LDL cholesterol).

Fruit and vbegetable based diet is associated with human’s health, and how to exert the beneficial element directly from fruit or vegetable may be in huge demand. Apple polyphenols can be used in all food, beverage and dietary supplement applications, which offers us commercial ideas as well.

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