Juice Concentrate, Did You Drink it Today?

Juice Concentrate, Did You Drink it Today?

Juice Concentrate

One simply eat a meal without worrying about gaining weight or losing muscle, these days are gone. With an increase in overall health consciousness, people are trying out new and healthier diets every day to live a better life. Nowadays, people think twice before consuming anything because of the variety of available options. The so called‘health revolution’ has given rise to a popular fad, namely juice concentrate. Let us see what it is and how good it is for our body.

Fruit juice concentrate is prepared by using an advanced filtration and extraction process through which water content from fruit juices is reduced.

Juice from concentrate is a staple item for many families due to its long shelf life and low cost compared to freshly squeezed juice. Just store it in your refrigerator until you want to drink it, mix in some water, then you get a jug full of juice. The term‘concentrate’ simply means that the water has been extracted from the fruit.

The nutritional value of concentrated fruit juices varies depending upon the type of juice and whether any additives, such as sugar, are contained in the concentrate. Juice from concentrate without any added sugar is just as healthy as 100 percent fresh fruit juice.

Juice concentrate provides an economical way to help you reach your recommended fruit intake. Juice concentrate offers many health benefits due to the high concentrations of vitamins and minerals, which sometimes not found in freshly squeezed juice because of nutrient fortification — adding vitamins or minerals during processing. For example, the potassium in juice helps lower blood pressure. Vitamin C can help improve your body‘s ability to heal wounds and bruises, and vitamin A is beneficial for the health of your skin and eyes. Each serving of juice concentrate can also supplies your body with a relatively large amount of water to help keep you hydrated.

Let’s sum up few benefits of consuming juice concentrates.

– By a process known as fortification, nutrients that are not present in certain fruits, such as calcium or magnesium are added to the concentrate to make them healthier.

– If sold without adulterants like artificial colours and sweeteners, juice concentrates can be consumed as a natural health supplement.

– Juice concentrates are a more convenient, cheaper and equally healthy source of antioxidants.

– Healthy juice concentrates can aid weight loss by making the consumer feel satiated, therefore curbing the desire to eat.

– Juice concentrates are more affordable than regular fruit juice.

– They have a significantly longer shelf life than fruit juice or whole fruits.

Consume juice as part of a well-balanced meal plan, but don’t make it the majority of your daily fruit intake. Juice should make up just half of your daily fruit consumption at most.

People have different preferences. Someone might consider a longer shelf life, and will go for fruit juice concentrate. Someone else might prefer taste, and would go for fruit juice. Drink juice in moderation on its own. Now , enjoy your juice!


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