Learn about Chinese Pear and the role of pear juice concentrate

Learn about Chinese Pear and the role of pear juice concentrate


Pear’s nutritional value is very high, in addition to containing more than 80% of the water, sugar content is mostly more than 8%, mainly glucose, fructose and sucrose; In addition also contains protein fat vitamin organic acid a variety of minerals and dietary fiber. Pears have many effects. They can not only assist in the treatment of hypertension, heart disease, constipation, dizziness, insomnia and other diseases, but also play a good role in moistening lungs, relieving cough, diuretic therapy and neutralizing the toxic effect of alcohol.

Pear juice is made of ripe and fresh pear, which is machined into fruit juice.Pear is machined into fruit juice, except for the reduction of cellulose, itsother nutrients are similar to fresh pear.

Pear resources are rich in China. China’s pear production is now the highest in the world. It was once sold in the form of fresh fruit and processing rate was low, the disadvantagewas that it cannot timely process the pears after picking and the pearswere easy to rotten. But after the process of pear juice concentrate, it can effectively reduce the cost of storage and transportation, and it can improve the conversion rate of pome resources at the same time.

The pear juice concentrate is one of the most important pear processing products. After the fruit is squeezed into the original juice and then concentrated by low-temperature vacuum method, part of the water is evaporated. In the preparation of 100% fruit juice, the natural water lost in the concentrated juice must be added and the same amount of water should be added during the concentrated process of the juice, so as to make the product with the color and flavor of the original fruit pulp and soluble solid content. They contain rich nutrients and have effects of clearing heat and detoxifying asthma and relieving cough. Pear juice is very popular in the foreign market, pear concentrate in the international market at a higher price.Affected by the market demand, pear concentrate production line has been increasing. Pear concentrate output has also been increasing.A variety of pear juice productions were output to Asia and Europe, most of these pear juice products are pear juice concentrate, and basically for export.

In recent years, the market of pear juice concentrate in China is developing in high speed. The rapiddevelopment of the pear juice concentrate market is closely connected with the enhancement of consumer health consciousness. According to the analysis of fruit juice beverage industry, the pear juice concentrate, particularly pure juice, is rich in vitamins and trace elements which are necessary to body, and therefore, healthy and delicious become necessary elements of fruit juice to attract consumers.

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