Why are polyphenols used in more and more products

Why are polyphenols used in more and more products

Polyphenols are the compounds which are found in plant foods with potential health promoting effects. It exists in some of the common plant foods, such as cocoa, popcorn, tea, soybeans, red wine, fruits and vegetables. Polyphenols exist morein the natural ingredients cocoa compared to other foods.Oxidative damage is an important cause of many chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and aging and theantioxidant function of the high content of polyphenols can prevent some chronic diseases. The polyphenols could be divided into the natural polyphenols and the synthetic polyphenols.

Natural polyphenols had a lot of advantages to the human body. First, polyphenols have many anticancer bioactivities, it can inhibit the tyrosine kinase and it can act as hormone in some degree. It also has the resisting function, anti-diffusion function, the function of antioxidation and immune function. The effects of natural polyphenols on the cancer are multi-faceted. Polyphenols are effective antimutagen, it can reduce the carcinogenic potential mutagen and improve the precision chromosome repair ability, thus they can improve the cell immunity and inhibit the cancer cells.

Natural polyphenols have the obvious inhibitory ability to a variety of bacteria, fungi and yeast, including staphylococcus aureus, colibacillus and other common pathogenic bacteria. The growth of animals cannot be affected under the corresponding inhibitory concentration. Studies showed that the natural polyphenols, to a certain degree, can reduce absorption force between virus and cells or reduce the pathogenicity of the virus.

Natural polyphenols can play the role in the dilation of blood vessels. It also has the effect on the vasoactive substances and enzymes which affect the vasoactive substances, thus it can reduce the fragility and permeability of blood vessels, improve blood circulation, purify blood, reduce cholesterol, reduce viscosity, resist arteriosclerosis and antithrombogenesis. Natural polyphenols are the effective compounds to fight against cerebrovascular disease and stroke.

Natural polyphenols have the function of increasing artery and myocardial nutritional blood flow, reduce myocardial oxygen amount, inhibit platelet aggregation and so on. Natural polyphenols can improve the hypoxia ability under atmospheric pressure and low pressure, prevent rise of blood fat, improve the increment of myocardial and contraction, thus they can make the heart function restored.

Natural polyphenols also have the function of strengthening the immune system. Immune system is one of the most important functions of polyphenols. Natural polyphenols have different degrees of regulation ability to various links of the immune system, hence the swallowing ability of macrophages and the activity of natural killer cells, increase the holding volume, enhance the humoral immunity and cellular immunity, thus they could enhance the disease resistance and self-healing power of human body.

There are many advantages of the natural polyphenols and the syntactic polyphenols didn’t have the totally same effects as the natural polyphenols. The effects of the syntactic polyphenols are worse than the natural polyphenols. Thus, natural polyphenols are your best choice.

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