Apple Juice Concentrate(10KG)

Apple Juice Concentrate(10KG)


(1) 100% Natural juice concentrate

(2) No additives, preservatives, flavourings or colorants of any kind.

(3) Rich in zinc and various Vitamins

(4) Many benefits for the human body. Reduce the chance of heart disease and arteriosclerosis, lower LDL value and cholesterol content

Apple juice concentrate is made by partially evaporating the filtered juice of fresh apples and then freezing the remainder.

Clinical medical researchers have found that apple juice has amazing effects on zinc deficiency. Apple juice is more effective than drugs with high zinc content, and is safe, easy to digest and absorb, and welcome and acceptable to patients. The curative effect is proportional to the concentration of apple juice, the stronger the curative effect, the better.

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People are looking for a direct and effective lifestyle in modern society, and so as their diet. With a higher request of reasonable food and nutrient intake , juice concentrate caters to consumers’ diverse requirements.

Produced by high quality apples, Our apple juice concentrate would be a wise option to contribute various flavours and color profiles and make them versatile. Another reason to choose apple juice concentrate is that it allows your products to be labeled as “real fruit juice” because the concentrates are processed with less water and intense in naturally occurring sugar. Serving as a sweetener, the apple juice concentrate can enhance other fruit characteristics in versatile applications including candies, frozen novelties, fruit snacks, sauces and beverage, etc..

With its neutral color and flavor, our apple juice concentrates are ideal ingredients of wider range of products. If you have any questions related to our products, please feel free to contact us and get more help and information!


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