Pear Juice Concentrate(5KG)

Pear Juice Concentrate(5KG)


(1) 100% Natural juice concentrate

(2) No additives, preservatives, flavourings or colorants of any kind.

(3) Highest quality pears selected in raw materials.

(4) Many benefits for the human body. Moisturizes the lungs, relieves cough and reduces phlegm.

Pear juice concentrate is prepared entirely from whole sound pears. The unfermented juice from these pears is clarified (filtered) and concentrated.

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Pear juice concentrate is one of our “star products”, and with the high advanced processing method, it gives right taste and color to your products. The raw material we select is the Zhao zhou Snowflake Pears, which were honored “the First Pear All Over the World”.  Fresh and fruitful Zhao zhou Snowflake Pears offer us unique flavor and wonder taste.

It is a common belief that juice concentrate could provide people some essential nutrients, including Vitamins and minerals. But more importantly, pears obtain many other health benefits, for example, it can help promote gut health, offer anticancer effects, boost heart health and may help you lose weight. With multiple advantages, pear juice concentrate may be your number one health keeping choice.

It would be ideal to use our pear juice concentrate in the diary, bakery and beverage industries, and as the specialist in this area, we are dedicated to make your products shine. Come to get more information from us now!


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