Sweet Potato Juice Concentrate(10KG)

Sweet Potato Juice Concentrate(10KG)


(1) 100% Natural juice concentrate

(2) No additives, preservatives, flavourings or colorants of any kind.

(3) Rich in fiber, calcium, potassium, and Vitamin A

(4) Many benefits for the human body. Enhance immune function and prevent cancer

 Sweet potato juice concentrate is a sweet, mild tasting and versatile vegetable ingredient that makes a great base for blended mixed fruit and vegetable juices, or as a high brix solids sweetener in dairy products.

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You are definitely familiar with this kind of vegetable because it can be adapted in diverse dishes by our Moms. Rich in starches, dietary fiber and complex carbohydrates, sweet potatoes kindly provides richer source of energy to our body. People who focus on healthy diet will never ignore this vegetable.

One of the most innovative practice of this material would be sweet potato juice concentrate. Obtained by pressing the vegetable, filtering and then by evaporating the water, our sweet potato juice concentrate makes a great base for blended mixed fruit and vegetable juices, or as a high brix solids sweetener  in diary products. Our products can usually be adapted in baked goods, beverages, diary products and supplements as well.

No one would reject its surprising benefits to our health. It could improve our immune system, help with gut health, enhance our brain function and it may contain cancer-fighting properties as well. It will be warmly welcomed by people of different ages because of its delicious taste and beneficial functions.

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Items Standard Required
Appearance Clear, Viscous liquid
Color Light amber or dark amber
Flavor With strong natural fresh Sweet Potatoes fragrance and flavor, without peculiar smell
Impurity Visible impurity not allowed
Physical and Chemical Specifications
Soluble Solid oBrix 60.0-61.0
Acidity as malic % 0.40-2.50
Clarity (625nm 10.0oBrix) % ≥80.0
Pectin / Negative
Color (440nm 11.5oBrix) % ≥80.0
Starch / Negative
PH / 3.0-5.0
Microbial Specifications
Total Plate Count CFU/ml ≤100
Yeast & Mould MPN/100ml ≤10
Coliform MPN/100ml ≤3
Packing Aseptic bag in steel drums, 275kgs/drum net weight
Shelf life 24 months
Storage -5℃
Country of Origin China

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